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About Kitsuné Moon

When Creativity and Quality Meet

Kitsuné Moon is a carefully and thoughtfully curated eclectic boutique in the historical Sheridan Court, a Tudor Revival complex built in 1925.  Located in the historical district of West Central just south of downtown Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  The majority of everything in the shop is crafted by local artists and artisans.  There is a little bit of everything in here with something of interest for everyone.

Jenifer Keith, Proprietress, has an extensive background in art, stones & crystals, as well as jewelry design, with a focus on antique and vintage jewelry (1750 - 1970), and an eye for the unique and eclectic.

So when the idea and opportunity to create a unique atmospheric aesthetic that other local artists and artisans could showcase and sell their handcrafted works, Jenifer jumped at the opportunity presented and ran with it. A wholly unique space, a central to Ft. Wayne location, she has truly created and curated a unique, one-of-a-kind overall shopping experience. 

As far as Kitsuné Moon's bespoke jewelry, Jenifer began her jewelry designing and creating journey several years ago taking those hand-me-down antique or vintage pieces and reworking them adding in precious and semi-precious stones crystals to create something truly unique and bespoke, giving new life to old, beloved, broken, or forgotten jewelry.  

With nods to mysticism, natural elements and mother earth, Kitsuné Moon's creations range from the eccentric and quirky to the timeless classics with a twist often including humanely sourced animal bones and wings.  Her designs are Unique and One-of-a-kind.  Her pieces, due to the nature of working with vintage & antique elements, are quite often, literally, One-of-a-kind.

And what exactly IS a Kitsune?

A Kitsune is a Japanese fox spirit, normally female, said to have powers such as shape-shifting, and whose power is symbolized by increase in number of tails.  Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore; in English, kitsune refers to them in this context. Stories depict them as intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. Foremost among these is the ability to assume human form. While some folktales speak of kitsune employing this ability to trick others—as foxes in folklore often do—other stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives. Foxes and human beings lived close together in ancient Japan; this companionship gave rise to legends about the creatures. Kitsune have become closely associated with Inari, a Shinto kami or spirit, and serve as its messengers. This role has reinforced the fox's supernatural significance. The more tails a kitsune has—they may have as many as nine—the older, wiser, and more powerful it is. Because of their potential power and influence, some people make offerings to them as to a deity.  - The more you know!

About: Image
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